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For women throughout the area, Palm Beach Obstetrics & Gynecology offers vaginal rejuvenation to improve appearance after multiple childbirths and aging. Locations are available in West Palm Beach, FL, Palm Beach Gardens, FL, and Lake Worth, FL area.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Q&A

What is vaginal rejuvenation?

Also known as female genital plastic surgery or aesthetic vaginal surgery, vaginal rejuvenation typically combines vaginoplasty, the tightening of the vagina, and/or labiaplasty or vulvaplasty, the reshaping of the vulva or labia which is the outer and inner lips of the vagina. The procedure has become an increasingly popular. For individuals who desire re-contouring following childbirth, dramatic weight loss, aging or injury to genital structures, vaginal rejuvenation can provide increased self-confidence and comfort.

When is it a good option to consider vaginal rejuvenation?

If the contours of vaginal structures have changed or stretched over time, if you have experienced soreness or pain during sexual activity, bicycle or horseback riding, or if the effects of multiple vaginal deliveries have led to lessened sensation during intercourse vaginal rejuvenation is a good option.

How is a vaginal rejuvenation procedure performed?

Today, the most frequently performed vaginal procedure is laser vaginal rejuvenation. The surgeon will discuss the best technique for each patient. A pudendal block, a type of anesthetic, is given to offer 18 to 24 hours of postoperative pain management. The laser is used similar to a scalpel however it offers a very precise aesthetic result and less bleeding. Here, extra tissue is removed and the incisions are sutured inside the vagina.

For a labiaplasty, the desired labial/vulvar contours are outlined using a surgical marker and then sutures are then placed. A laser is used to excise tissue outside the desired contour, then skin staples are used to match up the edges of the labia. Absorbable sutures are then used and the staples are taken out.

Natural aging, childbirth, or a hereditary condition can lead to a woman to choose vaginal rejuvenation. The results are long-lasting and can assist women to feel more comfortable wearing certain clothing, exercising, and during sex.

What is recovery like?

The surgeon will discuss how long it will be before the patient can return to her typical level of activity and work. Following surgery, the patient and the doctor will go over instructions about the woman’s postsurgical care including information about:

  • Drains, if they will be placed
  • Typical symptoms patients will experience
  • Potential indications of a complication

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