Why You Should Never Skip Your Annual Check-up

(Originally Posted on Mar 10, 2015)

It can be easy to push back your annual visit to the OBGYN. It’s been on your calendar for months and you know you should go, but there is just so much going on between family, work, and keeping up with a home. While many women successfully get their children, spouses, and parents to the important appointments in their day, they often forget themselves, or make excuses as to why they don’t have the time.

Getting your annual check-up is something that should not be missed. So if you are skipping your appointments periodically, or pushing them back a few months, here are a few reasons why you need to step up and see your doctor on time, every time

Get to know your doctor 

If you are going to your annual appointments, you and your doctor will get to know each other. This will help when you are facing something serious such as cancer, or when you are faced with huge changes such as getting pregnant.

Your doctor is going to be part of many life experiences. The more they know about your medical history and the more you all are able to communicate openly with each other, the better off everyone will be. So if you go to a different doctor every time you make an appointment, or haven’t found the doctor for you, it’s time to start looking for one.


Cancer and ovarian screenings are not just important, they are extremely important. Being proactive is the key, and your annual exam gives you the peace of mind knowing you are being productive in your wellness.

You can learn small things about your health as well. For example, you may find out you have an iron deficiency. Your doctor would then be able to provide you with options to correct the problem such as what foods to incorporate into your diet and what activities to avoid.

PAP smears are another crucial reason for making your visit. While not everyone has to get one yearly, it is still important that you make those appointments in the years between so you still receive all other services a check-up provides.

When you see your doctor once a year, you get up to speed on birth control options, new screening processes, and all other information that is important to your health. New studies come out often, as well as new equipment and medication. Having your doctor guide you through all of this knowledge is the best way for you to understand it.

It’s about your overall health

Don’t think because you aren’t at an age risk for certain diseases or health problems that you don’t have to go to your annual check-up. The truth is, it’s not about one particular screening or one piece of information you take away after your visit. It’s about your overall health, and what you don’t find beneficial one year, you may find useful the next.

Taking care of your body is a daily task that you put a lot of work into, so don’t skip one of the most important parts of that. When you have a good relationship with your doctor, you know the importance of screenings, and you focus on up to date information, you will be doing your part for the best health possible.

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Dr. Lorna Williams

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