Things You Should Know About Your Gynecological Exam, Part 1

(Originally Posted on Aug 21, 2014)

In my last post, I discussed the importance of an annual gynecological check-up even if your provider has told you that don’t need a pap smear every year.

This is because your annual exam includes important health promotion activities such as screening for osteoporosis, considerations of vaccinations for hepatitis and HPV as well as a discussion of reproductive and birth control options and goals.

But there are still more reasons to schedule your annual exam:

Sexual Health for Teenagers and Young Adults

The rates of unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections are higher in young adults than in older adults. An annual visit can give you a chance to discuss both birth control and STD prevention options with your gynecologist.

In addition, your doctor can answer more general questions about sexual health. Access to reliable information from a healthcare provider you trust is an important part of making intelligent, healthy sexual choices.

Colon Cancer Screening

Colorectal cancer is the third most common type of non-skin cancer in women, after breast and lung cancer. Although most cases of cancer of the rectum/colon are found after age 50, younger women with the disease is on the rise.

Screening for colon cancer can include a discussion of your relative risks. To test this, a simple procedure called a high-sensitivity fecal occult blood test can be done, which tests for blood in the stool.

A referral for a sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy may also be recommended, if appropriate. Your gynecologist can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these and other available tests as well.

OB/GYN Doctors in Palm Beach County That You Can Trust

Remember, your yearly exam is an important part of a comprehensive wellness approach to your gynecological health. If you’re looking for caring and experienced OB/GYN doctors, please call Palm Beach Obstetrics & Gynecology today at (561) 434-0111 or schedule your appointment online.

Our Board Certified Obstetricians and Gynecologists have offices in Lake Worth, West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. We accept most insurance carriers and are happy to welcome new patients.


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Dr. Sam Lederman

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