The First Trimester Blues

(Originally Posted on May 2, 2015)

When you first see that positive pregnancy test, you feel a rush of emotions. Joy, confusion, fear, happiness – it’s all there. You walk around with your head in the clouds for a few days before your body lets you know really fast that you are indeed pregnant. Except for a very few lucky women, the first trimester is a test of iron will. You will feel awful and, unfortunately, there is nothing much to do but take care of yourself and hope that second trimester arrives quickly.

You body is going through many changes and this makes it extremely tired. If you’ve not taken a nap since second grade, get ready to start again. This is completely normal to feel this way and it’s good for your body to get the sleep it needs. Don’t fight it. If you can sneak in a quick nap after work, do it. Most women feel more energetic in their second trimester.

Try and eat a balanced diet but don’t beat yourself up if you can’t stomach something. Eat what you can, when you can, and try to eat the most healthful things your body will tolerate. It’s normal to have aversions to certain food; even foods that you’ve loved in the past can all of a sudden seem like the most disgusting food in the world. The most important thing is to keep taking your prenatal vitamin through this important trimester. If you can’t keep your prenatal vitamin down, talk to your doctor so they can recommend a different brand or type.

There is morning sickness and there is all day sickness. If you don’t experience morning sickness, consider yourself extremely lucky. It can be absolutely miserable. If you only get sick every once in awhile and feel nauseated, but still want relief, call your doctor’s office. There might be some over the counter medicine that can help. 

If you are getting sick and it’s interfering with your life, and you are becoming dehydrated because of it, you need to alert your doctor immediately. While there is no cure for morning sickness, your doctor can prescribe you medicine to take the edge off and hopefully keep you from getting sick as much.

You might think that having to use the bathroom all of the time won’t happen until later in your pregnancy, but it starts right away. Your uterus begins growing immediately, which presses on your bladder and will make you need to use the bathroom more frequently than normal. Unfortunately, this doesn’t go away after the first trimester.

The most important thing you can do for your baby during this first trimester is to take care of yourself. Eating healthful and getting out for a walk sometimes will make you feel better. Keep your prenatal appointments and make your doctor aware of anything they need to know. When in doubt about exercise, diet, or medication, call your doctor’s office. If you are pregnant, are in the Palm Beach area, and need an OBGYN call our office at 561-434-0111 for an appointment.

Dr. Lorna Williams

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