Is the NovaSure® Ablation Right For You?

(Originally Posted on May 3, 2015)

Do you suffer from heavy periods? Does your period keep you from doing things that you love? If you have missed social activities or even work because of your period, it’s time to make an appointment with your doctor. Not only does a heavy period keep you from your everyday life and activities, it can make you feel really bad. 

A heavy menstrual cycle can make you nauseated and tired, and even cause you to have horrendous headaches and cramps. This can make a woman feel self-conscious and depressed. A heavy period can change the quality of life for the worse and many women will try different things to alleviate many of the symptoms.

Perhaps a procedure you’ve heard about but don’t know much about yet is Ablation. NovaSure® Ablation is a simple procedure that is scheduled in the office and it lightens or eliminates your periods. It uses heat to ablate the uterus lining and while it can be uncomfortable, is not painful. Even though it is a procedure, it is still considered an office visit and not a surgery. This helps with costs and time needed to have the procedure done.

If you are not planning on being pregnant in the near future and are finished having children, this procedure could be the answer to your menstrual problems. If you are planning on having children even in the distant future, another form of ablation could be right for you, but you would need to talk to your physician and know all of your options before any procedure. Most women who have a NovaSure® ablation feel as though their families are complete and have no interest in being pregnant again, but aren’t ready for a hysterectomy.

One of the biggest advantages to this procedure is it gives patients many of the same benefits of having a hysterectomy without these women having to lose their uterus. Women who need to have a hysterectomy will often go through early menopause and will need to have hormone therapy. An ablation will not cause you to have these side effects. Unlike a hysterectomy, which will include two to eight weeks of recovery, an ablation requires almost no downtime after the procedure.

Many women who have had an ablation feel like their PMS symptoms lessen significantly after the procedure and they are able to spend more time on work and daily activities. This leads to them feeling more productive and happier. It feels terrible when you know you have things to do but your body simply won’t let you. A heavy period can do this and an ablation may be what you need to do to without having to have a hysterectomy.

If you are experiencing heavy problem periods, ask your doctor about a NovaSure® Ablation. This simple procedure might just let you enjoy the life you’ve been missing out on during your periods. You do not have to let your period run your life. Imagine life without a heavy period. Call our office today for a consultation at 561-434-0111.

Dr. Lorna Williams

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