How to overcome your fear of going to the doctor

(Originally Posted on Nov 28, 2015)

If you have a fear of going to the gynecologist, or you’ve just continued to put off that appointment, there are a few things that you can do to finally get through the door. Many people fear visiting the doctor for different reasons such as worrying they’ll get bad news, being uncomfortable because they don’t know the procedures that will be used, or they simply fear needles and can’t handle the sight of blood very well. Whatever your fear is, here are a few ways to get to your gynecologist appointment. 

Understand why you put off the appointment

Try to pinpoint your anxiety button and what presses it. For some people, it’s not a fear of the doctor as much as the fear of the waiting room because they feel confined and claustrophobic. For others, going to the doctor is like stepping into the unknown, and they feel out of control. If you have had a bad experience in the past, this can trigger negative feelings about going to the doctor as well. This fear can cause some people to go years, if not decades, without getting the proper checkups.

Take proactive steps

Once you’ve accepted that you need to go to the gynecologist, and you’ve addressed that fear is what’s holding you back, you can take some proactive measures. There are support groups you can join to talk to others who are going through the same experience you are. Just talking about it will be a huge help because you won’t feel as bottled up and alone.

You can also ask a friend or relative if you can go with them to their doctor’s appointments. While you don’t have to go into the room with them for the duration of the visit, just going through the simple act of making it to a doctor’s appointment will help you go through the motions when it is time to go by yourself.

Some people find comfort in going to the doctors when they expose themselves to television shows that have medical procedures in them. However, many of these shows are overly dramatized, so if you fear needles, these shows will help because you’ll see them being used on a routine basis, but if you fear the unknown, television tends to exaggerate medical situations and their results. Be mindful of your fear and what can help, but remember that a visit to the doctor’s office will be temporary, and you’ll be back to your day in no time.

Talk to your doctor about why you’re hesitant

If you don’t think your gynecologist cares or wants to know about your fears, you couldn’t be wronger! Talk to your doctor or someone on their staff that you’re comfortable with and let them know what you go through when you walk in a doctor’s office. You’ll be surprised at how understanding they are and how they can help you through this.

We specialize in the health care for feminine needs, and we want you to be as comfortable as possible when you visit us. Your appointments are important, and we don’t want you to miss them due to fear and anxiety. Call us today at 561-434-0111 or come by our locations in Lake Worth, Palm Beach Gardens, and West Palm Beach and let us know how we can help you.

Dr. Sylvia Siegfried

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