How to Keep a Healthy Diet During Pregnancy

(Originally Posted on Jan 12, 2015)

Pregnancy goes hand-in-hand with strange cravings. Unfortunately, sometimes the treats and high carb selections we crave can mean taking a hit with getting the daily vitamins and minerals we need.

During pregnancy, how a woman eats affects not only herself but also her developing fetus.

It’s more important now more than any other time in her life to get all of the nutrients she needs.

Here are some tips to help pregnant women eat properly, even through the cravings, to keep both mom and baby healthy.

Big Picture Approach to Pregnancy Nutrition

We all know that little changes, good or bad, make a difference over time. The same principle applies to the food we eat.

What you want to do is focus on eating as healthy as you can most of the time with treat allowances here and there. The key is moderation!

Tips to stay on track:

  1. Get togethers: If you know you’ll be at a food-centric gathering, make sure your other meals that day contain plenty of nutrient rich foods such as fresh fruit, salad, or steamed veggies.
  2. Grocery shopping: Eat a bowl of a healthy soup (chicken vegetable, minestrone, etc.) before going to the grocery store. The high liquid content and fiber in the soup will help you avoid overdoing it with buying high calorie, low nutrition treats. Note: Avoid high sodium or cream-based soups!
  3. Relaxing at home or on the go: Stay well hydrated throughout the day. Our brains can confuse thirst with a craving for sweets. By staying well hydrated, you’ll avoid the desire to overeat or binge on sweet treats.

How Many Extra Calories Do You Need During Pregnancy?

During the second and third trimester, a woman needs about 300 extra calories to fuel the changes in her body and feed her growing fetus.

If a woman gains too much weight during pregnancy, her risk for developing diabetes increases and the added weight can contribute to added aches and pains in her back and legs.

In addition, she may have an increased risk for a C-section, infections and other complications of pregnancy.

If you have overdone it already, do not diet! Instead, speak to your doctor and stick to the extra 300 calories per day going forward.

You can lose weight after you deliver, but losing weight during pregnancy could endanger your baby’s health.

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