How to Feel Better During Your Period

(Originally Posted on Jan 9, 2016)

Every woman is unique in what she goes through before and during her period. PMS can begin around five days before your actual period starts, and the signs will generally go away during the cycle. Almost every woman suffers from one to many symptoms during this time that can cause discomfort to downright pain. Here are a few tips on how to feel better during this time of the month, so you don’t have to drop everything and crawl into bed for a week.

Don’t binge on bad foods

Cravings seem to peak during PMS, and often we indulge them. However, the foods you select can make a huge impact on how you feel. That’s why it’s so important you stick to a healthy diet of fruits, veggies, and good carbs. Work to incorporate these into each meal. If you want to treat yourself to a meal or two with greasy burgers and sweets, that’s fine, but you want to avoid spending the entire week eating fast food and ice cream.

Get (just a little) exercise

A lot of us don’t feel like exercising when we are close to or on our period, but if you can get just a little time in working out, you’ll feel much better. If you find that you can’t workout because the cramps are so severe, talk to your gynecologist about what your next steps should be so you can get your heartbeat up.

Know when to expect it

Knowing when to expect your period is an excellent way to prepare for it. If you know the signs, you can plan better and be prepared. Not only will you never be left without a tampon when you need it, but you’ll understand what your body is going through. Plus, by tracking your period, you’ll know when it’s regular, and when it is out of sync.

Drink lots of water

Some women don’t drink enough water during their period because they feel so bloated. However, you should actually drink a little more water to help with the water retention and bloated feeling. And be sure to keep your caffeine and sugary beverages to a minimum. These can be very tempting during this time because you can feel extra tired and lethargic, but try to stick with black coffee or tea over that white chocolate mocha with an extra shot of syrup.

Talk to your gynecologist

If you take an over-the-counter pill to help combat bloating, backaches, and all those other uncomfortable ailments that come with your time of the month, but still don’t feel relief, talk to your doctor. They can help you understand what is normal and what isn’t. They’ll also guide you in the best ways to combat the specific issues you face.

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Dr. Joy Cavalaris

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