8 Foods That Promote Healthy Iron Levels

(Originally Posted on Feb 3, 2016)

If you’ve been told by your gynecologist that you’re at risk for anemia because your iron levels are low, don’t feel alone. Women are often at risk for iron deficiencies because of the monthly blood loss we go through during our menstrual cycle and childbirth. An iron deficiency can cause you to feel tired and prompt headaches, as well as other things such as dizziness. If you suffer from a lack of iron in your diet, here are a few foods you can start incorporating today.

Beef: Beef is an excellent source of iron, and you can find many lean options that also promote weight loss. If you want something filling like beef, but don’t include meat in your diet, tofu is an excellent alternative that also has iron.

Chicken Liver: Any liver including beef, pork, and chicken is going to give you a healthy dose of iron. However, be sure you’re also paying attention to the cholesterol levels in the liver when deciding the right intake for you.

Spinach: Spinach makes a great side dish and can easily be added to any salad mix. However, the best way to eat it is warmed up, so your body accepts the iron a little easier. Other veggies such as broccoli and cauliflower can be added to a stir fry or recipes with spinach because they’re high in vitamin C, which can help iron be absorbed in your body.

Peanut Butter: There are some great options available when it comes to peanut butter. Check the label, so you choose a peanut butter that isn’t loaded with high fructose corn syrup but has natural ingredients.

Eggs: Don’t just think eggs are for breakfast and if you don’t eat them in the morning, you’ve missed your chance. Have breakfast for dinner, have a hard boiled egg as a snack, or find a recipe that includes eggs in it and your body won’t have as many cravings for iron rich foods.

Mussels: Oysters, mussels, and other seafood options are a great source of iron. Not only that but learning how to properly prepare these items can give your recipe box a boost.

Beans: There is a lot you can do with beans when it comes to your diet. You can incorporate them into your tacos, make a good dip such as hummus out of them, or make an easy soup using a variety.

Whole Grains and Cereal: If you love cereal in the morning (or for dinner), be sure you’re picking up a box that is fortified. While whole grain will be a better choice, you still need to check the ingredient labels to make sure they aren’t loaded with sugars.

Be sure you talk to your doctor about the best foods to incorporate into your diet when it comes to an iron deficiency – especially if you’re thinking of taking an iron supplement. If you think you suffer from low iron levels, then call Palm Beach Obstetrics & Gynecology at 561-434-011. Or you can come by our offices conveniently located in Lake Worth, Palm Beach Gardens, and West Palm Beach. We put women’s health first and are here to help in any way we can.

Dr. Sylvia Siegfried

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