5 Topics You Should Always Talk To Your Gynecologist About

(Originally Posted on Sep 28, 2015)

When you visit your gynecologist for your routine check-ups, you may start to look at it like chore so you can get your clean bill of health, and move on to the next item on the list. However, it’s important that you pay attention to your body throughout the year and make a list of questions that can come up. Take the time to ask your gynecologist pressing questions, so you have a better understanding of the health of your body. Here are 5 topics you should never leave the doctors office without discussing if they apply to you. 

#1: If you’re trying to get pregnant. While you might want to keep this a secret from friends and family, you should never keep the fact that you are trying to get pregnant from your doctor. Not only will they be able to provide helpful information about lifestyle changes that promote conception, they’ll have an understanding of the emotional stress that can occur when trying to get pregnant.

#2: If intercourse is painful. If you find that having intercourse is uncomfortable and causes you pain in the vaginal area, then you need to talk to your doctor. Even if you are uncomfortable discussing your sex life with your doctor, or are embarrassed to talk about it with anyone other than your best friend, painful intercourse should not be ignored. If you want to call them before your visit to let them know this is a concern, so you know they’ll bring up the topic when you arrive, you can do that to alleviate the stress of being the one to bring it up first.

#3: If your periods are irregular. Even if you are used to some periods lasting a week and being extremely heavy, and other months having a two-day menstrual cycles that is lightweight, you need to talk to your doctor about the topic. It could be the sign of a more serious problem.

#4: If you feel depressed after childbirth. If you don’t feel like yourself after childbirth and suffer from signs of depression and negative thoughts, contact your doctor. These feelings aren’t uncommon and are nothing to be ashamed of or brush under the rug. Your gynecologists can work with you to find the right treatment to get you back to your happy and healthy self.

#5: If you can do anything to relieve the symptoms of menopause. Going through menopause is a very challenging time in a women’s life. And to make matters worse, it comes with a slew of side effects like hot flashes, restlessness when trying to sleep, weight gain, and mood swings. Your doctor can work with you to reduce the symptoms and let you know what is normal, and what isn’t.

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Dr. Joy Cavalaris

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