5 Great Foods to Curb Pregnancy Cravings

(Originally Posted on Mar 6, 2016)

When you’re pregnant, you may experience some pretty fascinating cravings as your body changes. Pickles and peanut butter, ice cream and sardines, McDonald’s with a side of Taco Bell, and other odd food combination tend to rear their head as your baby bump grows. While it’s not certain why women have cravings during this time, there are a few theories.

Changing taste buds or a lack of nutrients may be the culprit, and the best actions you can take is make a note of what you crave whether it be salty, sweet, sour, or spicy, and find an alternate that has that flavor and few more nutrients in it. Some cravings will be innocent, but if you find that you’re craving things like dirt, crayons, and other substances that aren’t nutritious, then you should immediately talk to your gynecologist. Here are a few superfoods to incorporate into your diet (on top of that big bowl of banana pudding and chicken nuggets).

Beans and Lentils

Because you’ll need a higher intake of protein when you’re eating for two, beans and lentils are an excellent choice to incorporate into your diet. Plus, if you feel constipated during pregnancy, these will have some extra fiber to help you out. You can make them the center of the plate, have them as a side dish, or just a snack.

Lean Meats

If you find yourself feeling tired while pregnant, one reason could be low iron levels. Lean meats will add some extra iron, and are easy to use in almost every meal. If you find you’re turned off by meats when pregnant because of the smell or texture, then try eggs instead.


Potassium-rich bananas are another excellent choice to help you fight those tired feelings, and also, help with feelings of nausea. You can use them to make smoothies, add slices to your cereal, or just toss one in your purse for an emergency snack.


Nuts offer some great benefits and they compliment many dishes or can be eaten on their own. They have good fats and are packed with minerals. Plus, they are filling, so you won’t feel as hungry throughout the day.


Yogurt is a fast and easy snack that you can add fresh fruit, use in smoothies, and even substitute for a few ingredients in recipes to make them a little healthier (such as mayo). It’s got that calcium you and your baby needs, as well active cultures help prevent yeast infections. And you’ll get a nice bit of protein!

If you’re pregnant and have any questions concerning this time whether it be the foods you’re craving or the exercises that are right for you, don’t hesitate to call us at 561-434-0111, or come by our locations in Lake Worth, Palm Beach Gardens, or West Palm Beach. We put the health of women first and know that when you’re pregnant, you’ll experience changes in your body that will need extra attention. And we’re here to listen and help.

Dr. Sylvia Siegfried

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