5 Advancements in Baby Technology for New Parents

(Originally Posted on Nov 11, 2015)

It seems there are very few aspects of life that go untouched by the advancements of technology these days. And when you’re on your way to being a new mommy, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all of your options. Here we’ll look at some great gifts you can get the mommy to be, and how you can make the experience of pregnancy even more memorable than you thought possible. 

4-D ultrasound

While a traditional ultrasound will give you that first glimpse of your baby and is still a beautiful and memorable image, a 4-D ultrasound will provide you with an in-depth look. You’ll be able to see the face and a 3-D image of the body. Plus the doctor can see any issues that may arise during pregnancy, and proactively inform and care for them. It’s better to be prepared for any birth defects than be surprised later in the process. A cleft palate is one example of something that can be spotted easier on a 4-D ultrasound, rather than a 2-D one.

Video capabilities

With the 4-D ultrasound, you also get video capabilities that allow you to see your baby yawn and move. For some, this is a remarkable experience. Seeing your baby smile before birth can give new parents peace of mind and grow the excitement of the big day. Men can especially benefit from seeing this because it gives them the opportunity to understand what’s going on inside the woman’s body.

Baby monitors

Baby monitors just make naptime and nighttime better. Traditional monitors give you a chance to let the baby sleep in the crib, and you can hear when the baby wakes or gets fussy, and other noises in the room. Now you can get a baby monitor that not only hears what’s going on, but it also gives you a video of the baby sleeping. Some can even snap a picture, so when you don’t want to wake the little one, but want to capture the moment, you can.

Electric breast pump

There is a variety of breast pumps available today, but some are a little more painful than others. Find a breast pump that uses compression technology to make the experience more comfortable. They won’t have the pulling feeling that some pumps have, so you’ll be more relaxed during the process.

The origami stroller

We’ve all seen moms and dads fussing with strollers, bags of from the store, and a baby. But the origami stroller takes getting that stroller out of the car to the next level. With one press of a button, it simply opens for you. Plus, you can charge your phone, track your temperature, track your speed, and there is a sensor for child safety with the stroller

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Dr. Joy Cavalaris

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