4 Ways To Prevent Breast Cancer This Year

(Originally Posted on May 2, 2015)

It can be hard to get serious about your health when faced with such a tough word like cancer. It can be easier to ignore that it exists, and go about daily life as if we will stay healthy forever. But when we, or someone we love, are faced with a possible diagnosis, we then think of all the things we could have done. 

Don’t miss your annual check-up

We’ve said it before, but it is always good to reiterate just how important it is to go to your yearly check-up. It gives you peace of mind knowing that you are on a productive schedule, and you are communicating with the right people. Here you receive screenings, a physical, and many other tests that will catch any strange lumps or abnormalities that were missed when you did a self-breast exam. Plus you will be able to address any concerns you have about breast cancer. There is only so much you can do on your own, and with your own methods. That is why this is such a crucial step.

Enlist a friend

If you are notorious for missing your doctor appointments, skipping daily walks, and blowing off any of those important activities that help prevent illness, then it may be time to find a buddy that can help keep you in check. And on that same note, you will be doing the same for them. Most of us need someone to help hold us accountable so we don’t skip out on our health.

Talk to your doctor 

Have an open dialogue with your OBGYN when you are talking about breast cancer. If you have questions, be sure you are asking them. Don’t just search for a generic online answer that will most likely leave you with more questions than answers. Knowledge is the one of the best tactics when trying to prevent, and fight, cancer. The best person to guide you through all of the information out there truly is your doctor. 

Change your diet

When you speak to your doctor, be sure you ask about your diet. You want to make sure you are eating all of the super foods out there that help prevent cancer. Not only that, but the foods recommended will help in other areas of your life by giving you more energy and helping you maintain a healthy weight.

Start Today

The best preventative measure for any disease is to take action today. Don’t wait until next week, because we all know that turns into next month, and then next year. Not only will you be setting a good example for your friends and family, you will sleep better at night knowing you are taking care of yourself. 

If you are in the Lake Worth, Palm Beach Gardens, or West Palm Beach area, call us at 561-434-0111 today to schedule an appointment. We offer the support and services you need in order to move you in the right direction.

Dr. Lorna Williams

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