4 Questions You’re Too Shy to Ask Your Gynecologist

(Originally Posted on Apr 1, 2016)

When it comes to your body, you might be an open book when sharing with your doctor how you feel. Asking questions about a broken arm or explaining the symptoms when you’re sick comes naturally and with no reserves. But for some reason, when it comes to talking to your gynecologist about feminine issues, you might get a little bashful. In fact, you might not even ask the questions that have been pressing you. Here are a few questions you may be too shy to ask your Ob-Gyn.

#1: Why am I never in the mood for sex?

It can be difficult to admit that you aren’t in the mood for sex, but trust that you are not alone. The problems that cause a low libido can range from physical to psychological. Take time to think about how long the problem has been going on and what could be behind it. A new baby, a shift in careers, a move, and other stressful and significant changes can all play a role in how sexual you feel.

However, if the problem has been going on for months, then let your doctor know. They’ll have a much better understanding of where the issue is stemming from whether it’s medications you take, or if you suffer from low estrogen.

#2: Is there a normal amount of discharge?

Because every woman is different in the amount of vaginal discharge that occurs, it’s hard to say what is “normal.” What you really should be looking for is changes in how much you usually discharge. If you aren’t sure, start paying closer attention and if you start to see a sudden change, let your doctor know.

#3: Why do I itch so much down there?

If you’ve noticed a problem with itching, then there are a few things you can start doing to find out what the problem is. Clothing that is too tight or damp for too long can cause discomfort and itching. A yeast infection could also be the culprit. When you notice yourself start to itch, take a shower to see if the itching subsides. If it doesn’t, then you’ll need to make an appointment with your gynecologist and let them know what you’re feeling so that they can get to the bottom of it.

#4: What causes me to smell?

It can be embarrassing when your partner tells you the odor is unpleasant when you get intimate. If this becomes an issue, start by changing your diet and eating more fruits and veggies, and drinking more water. If you smoke and drink heavily, work on eliminating those habits as well. Often, what you put into your body is going to reflect the smells that come out of it. You’ve probably noticed this when you sweat. If the smell persists after you’ve changed your diet, then let your doctor know right away.

If you have any questions, no matter how awkward you think they are, we’re here to answer them for you. We respect your privacy and always strive to make you as comfortable as possible. Make an appointment today by calling 561-434-0111, or stop by our locations at Lake Worth, Palm Beach Gardens, and West Palm Beach.

Dr. Lori Sevald

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