4 Myths About Infertility

(Originally Posted on Dec 2, 2015)

When you’re trying to get pregnant, it can be a frustrating time that leaves your emotions frazzled. It can also be a very stressful point in your relationship. And while you may think you’re doing everything you can, there are a few ways you could be misinformed. There are of course many old wives tales like if you eat sweet potatoes you’ll have twins, or hold your pelvis up for fifteen minutes towards the east and you’ll have a boy. But, here we debunk some more common myths that you may not be able to spot so easily. 

It’s extremely expensive to get treatment for infertility

Some people think that if you get infertility treatments, you must be rich. However, there are many very affordable treatments that you can take advantage of. Talk to your gynecologist about the different options and what would be most beneficial to you. Also, when it comes to infertility treatments, many people think that if you use them you’ll end up becoming pregnant with multiple children at one time. The truth is, this is an extremely rare case, and the goal of infertility treatments is to have a healthy baby, not a large amount of them.

You should try for more than a year before seeing someone

Don’t wait to talk to your gynecologist when you decide that you want to have kids. Some people believe that you have to wait a year to get pregnant after you’ve removed yourself from using birth control, but this isn’t the case. The more you’re in communication with your doctor, the better you’ll understand what you should be doing to prepare for pregnancy.

Only one person needs to be tested

Many couples will send one person in first for testing if they aren’t getting pregnant, and if they have a fertility situation, the other won’t think they have to go. This won’t help correct the problem if both people have an issue with fertility. There are times when both people can make some changes to increase their odds of pregnancy. If you have been trying to get pregnant and are being treated for infertility, be sure that both people in the relationship are being tested, so you have all of the information.

You don’t need to change your lifestyle until after you get pregnant

It can be easy to think that you don’t need to change your lifestyle habits until you get pregnant, but if you suffer from infertility problems, you should get started today. If you’re overweight, even losing five to ten pounds can make a big difference. Take the time to reevaluate how much caffeine you consume a day, if you smoke, and how you’re treating your body while trying to get pregnant. Making little changes can make a big difference.

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Dr. Marcela Lazo

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